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Enterprise Advanced Security (Ransomware): CrowdStrike Falcon 2023

Ransomware vs. Endpoint Security – Results from the largest public ransomware test In this report, we analyse ransomware vs. endpoint security. Ransomware is the most visible, most easily understood cyber threat affecting businesses today. Paralysed computer systems mean stalled business and loss of earnings. On top of that, a ransom demand provides a clear, countable […]

Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023 Threat Intelligence for 2023 Welcome to the fourth annual report from SE Labs. This edition focusses on cyber threat intelligence. Understanding threats is crucial when trying to defend against them. Knowing your enemy’s tactics helps clarify security planning. We use threat intelligence when testing security products, to ensure our results are useful […]

Enterprise Advanced Security (Ransomware): CrowdStrike

Deep and direct ransomware testing SE Labs tested CrowdStrike Falcon against a range of ransomware attacks designed to extort victims. These attacks were realistic, using the same tactics and techniques as those used against victims in recent months. Target systems, protected by CrowdStrike Falcon, were attacked by testers acting in the same way as we […]


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