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Start-up companies try to solve problems. Sometimes they provide solutions for problems that don’t exist, and sometimes their solutions don’t work. Due diligence is important to avoid both situations, but it’s hard to do thoroughly, particularly in areas where there’s not a great deal of real expertise.

How do you know if a cyber security start-up is going to bring in great returns when even the largest security firms don’t fully understand the threats that users face?

The cyber security world is dripping in snake oil. Some of the security companies known to have performed very well are based on technologies that don’t function anywhere as effectively as they claim. If you just look at the numbers you might say, “well, who cares? They sold their snake oil effectively and their investors were paid!”

There are always going to be success stories where someone faked it through to an IPO. But to reduce risk and increase the chance of success it would be better for investors (and the world as a whole) if the best technologies were identified and supported.

If you’re going to choose 10 start-ups to work with, make sure they have a genuinely promising product that actually works.

SE Labs was selected by Tech Nation as one of the 20 most promising cyber security companies in the UK. We continue to engage with UK cyber start-ups, offering experience, advice and testing services.

SE Labs connections within the cyber security industry are wide- and deep-reaching. With over 25 years of experience in testing security, Simon Edwards leads a team that works with all of the major (and many minor) security brands, including those that have moved from start-up phases through to major acquisitions.

We have hands-on interaction with the products themselves; enjoy candid discussions with engineers and CTOs; and conduct private discussions with the world’s leading analysts, who are also hungry for data to add to their opinions.

SE Labs’ Investor Intelligence Insights (i3) programme offers support to investors with an interest in cyber security.

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SE Labs Ltd is a private, independently-owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. The main laboratory is located in Wimbledon, South London. It has excellent local and international travel connections. The lab is open for prearranged client visits.


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