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Pioneering excellence in cyber security

SE Labs leads the charge in testing and evaluating cyber security solutions. Our mission is to provide clarity in the complex landscape of competing products, the security needs of businesses and the marketing claims of cyber security vendors. As industry leaders, we work closely with both those buying cyber security products and those selling them.

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We advise enterprises on their existing cyber security posture, future developments and strategic buying decisions. Our unbiased, in-depth insight into a wide variety of cyber security solutions is unparalleled. Our advice is trusted by the world’s largest security companies.


Our comprehensive evaluations cover a spectrum of security products, from endpoint protection to cloud-based services and beyond. Always innovating, we help buyers build their cyber security portfolios and vendors to demonstrate their strengths and fix their weak points.


Enterprise-level businesses and global cyber security vendors use the SE Labs Level:Up cyber security training programme to strengthen their in-house knowledge. We help enterprises build security teams, and security vendors to improve product development.

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Expert cyber security consultancy and testing


We redefine cyber security assurance, guiding enterprises to the pinnacle of protection against evolving threats. We work directly with enterprises to help assess the products they have already deployed and the ones they are considering investing in.

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We specialise in rigorous testing of cyber security products. We are dedicated to ensuring that each solution not only meets industry standards but excels in protecting customers against evolving threats.

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01/2024 – 03/2024

Endpoint Protection (EPS): Home 2024 Q1

01/2024 – 03/2024

Endpoint Protection (EPS): Small Business 2024 Q1

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