Testing security vendors

testing security vendors
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SE Labs works closely with companies that make and sell security products and services to provide evaluation, validation and quality assurance services. Our testing of security vendors is recognised worldwide.

We assess security products to check that they do what they say they will.

Our assessments are available for products at pre- and post-production stages. We also work with partners to continually monitor a product’s performance through its life cycle.

Our certification programme helps established and new vendors integrate with the global security industry.

What do we test?

We test security products that are designed to protect endpoints, networks and mobile services. This includes cloud-based protection services, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) applications, anti-virus solutions, firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDS/IPS/NDR).

How do we test?

All of our testing methodologies, and details of the targeted attacks that we run, are available in the Reviewers Guide.

Public vs private testing

Our public reports show potential clients how your products compare with the competition. Arguably more importantly, they also show how they handle adversaries.

Private testing is available to validate a product’s abilities to private clients or potential investors. You can also used it to prepare for third-party testing such as MITRE’s ATT&CK tests.

Knowledge and analysis combined with lab results

We specialise in providing consultancy on security product effectiveness. Our oversight of the threat landscape and the security market is invaluable in helping you really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Our analysis uniquely combines deep knowledge of threats, products and lab work.

The tests

Our range of tests include, but are not limited to:

Enterprise Advanced Security (EAS)

Originally known as the Breach Response Test (BRT), this test exposes a product, which could be an endpoint-, cloud- or appliance-based product, to a range of advanced targeted attacks. EAS tests produce stand-alone reports that do not directly compare products from different vendors. You can consider these tests as an extension to a MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation.

We test using a range of engagement levels, include high-interaction projects. Our team works directly with yours to help develop a product’s detection and protection abilities.

We can conduct EAS reports privately or publicly. Public reports are available on our website in the Reports section.

Email Security Services (ESS)

This test uses a combination of general and targeted attacks to assess the effectiveness of email security services against threats including phishing, business email compromise (BEC), social engineering and malware. The first of its kind, the ESSP test is like an email penetration test service. Major email platforms and email security start-ups trust this test.

Endpoint Security (EPS)

This is our landmark security test that set our approach as the most detailed and accurate in the world. The EPS test analyses how endpoint products handle malware, exploits and targeted attacks. We can conduct this test publicly or privately. We publish comparative reports on our website in the Reports section. This includes results for products suited to enterprises, small businesses and home users.

Enterprise Advanced Performance (EAP)

Our network performance test is capable of assessing network performance of next-generation firewalls, network detection and response appliances and intrusion prevention systems. It combines industry standards with our own insight to produce useful and instructive reports. We replicate different types of network to help predict how network appliances would perform in different types of businesses.


We run two certification programmes. Both provide certificates acknowledging a product’s performance in our tests.

There are three main reasons to use SE Labs certification:

  1. Demonstrate to customers or investors that your product works.
  2. Join the Microsoft Virus Initiative and then gain access to the Windows ELAM system.
  3. Join VirusTotal’s detection scanner community.

Endpoint Security (EPS)

Achieving an A, AA or AAA award in our EPS testing program is a significant accomplishment. Microsoft accepts this level of performance as the certification required to join its Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) programme. MVI Membership provides access to the Windows ELAM system.

On-Demand Malware Detection (ODMD)

This certification verifies that a product can detect known and previously unknown malware, independently from third-party scanners. VirusTotal accepts our ODMD certification as a valid independent certification for new scanners hoping to join its community.

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testing security vendors
Download our test guide

A wide range of world-leading enterprises, analysts and media trust SE Labs analysis. We are ISO / IEC 27001 : 2013 certified and BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 certified for The Provision of IT Security Product Testing.

All our methodologies are available in the Reviewers Guide section of our website. Where appropriate, we run our tests under the AMTSO Standard.

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