Endpoint Security (EPS): Small Business 2022 Q1

Sector: Small business
Testing: January to March 2022


Choose the best SMB security

Choose the best SMB security product

By understanding the rules of security testing.

Our reports help you choose the best small business anti-malware product that can protect you from ransomware and other types of attack

Choose the best SMB anti-malware solution

This report contains security testing results. You can compare the performance of a variety of products that claim to protect you against online threats. This, in theory, will help people and businesses choose the best security product.

But this is a free report. How can you trust that the high-scoring vendors didn’t just pay for their ranking? Do you suspect that some low-scoring vendors dropped out of the report? Or asked to be retested until they scored better?

What are the rules behind the scenes in security testing?

With security testing the stakes are high. From a customers’ perspective, the wrong decision could be disastrous to a business. Or a personal life.

So we, as testers, have a massive responsibility to do the right thing, meaning the honest thing. That means trying to involve as many reputable security vendors as possible in our tests and treating them all fairly.

Security vendors want to sell products and will do what they can to achieved strong marketing. That can involve appearing in weak tests or engaging with more ‘flexible’ testers. One strategy could be to test enough privately against competitors and then release the one report that shows your product at the top of the list.

We focus on strong technical testing and avoid purely marketing-led initiatives. We have awards for vendors who do well, but we stand out by assessing technology deeply and helping improve things for everyone.

Five simple rules

In our blog post Public and Private Testing we explain our five simple rules to help maintain the integrity of our reports. If you want to peak behind the curtain, to see how we work with security vendors, the information is all available online.

Testing Standards

For this report we also followed the only available Standard for anti-malware testing, the one run by the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. This ensures that we do what we say we’ll do, and can prove it.

We pride ourselves on a level of transparency that elevates our work above the less open reports available. But don’t just take our word for it. This report has gone through the AMTSO certification process to ensure that we say what we’re going to do; do it; and can prove it. Our results help vendors improve their products and buyers choose the best for their own needs.

Read this SE Labs assessment of world-leading endpoint security products and discover how they handle well-known threats and targeted attacks. Choose the best SMB security!

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