Home Anti-Malware Protection 2021 Q2

Sector: Consumer
Testing: April to June 2021


Anti-virus needs your attention

Anti-virus needs your attention

How to get out more than you put in

Our reports help you choose the best home anti-malware solution. Picking a suitable solution isn’t just a matter of scanning through testing awards. You need to look closely at what you need, what you already have and what is available.

Choose the best home anti-malware solution

If you were going to buy a new security fence, burglar alarm or CCTV system you would research the various options and consider how to deploy it in your very specific situation. The same should follow for endpoint protection systems. What do you really need? Are the candidates basically capable? And can you get the best out of them in your environment.

For home users, a big question is: are you interested? Technically-minded folk may want powerful features that are irrelevant to people who just want to install something and forget about it. Or security experts might lock down their computers in clever ways and decide that basic anti-virus is good enough. When it comes to choosing personal security products, anti-virus needs your attention.

We hope this report helps you answer some of these important questions.

We pride ourselves on a level of transparency that elevates our work above the less open reports available. But don’t just take our word for it. This report has gone through the AMTSO certification process to ensure that we say what we’re going to do; do it; and can prove it. Our results help vendors improve their products and buyers choose the best for their own needs.

Read this SE Labs assessment of world-leading endpoint security products and discover how they handle well-known threats and targeted attacks.

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Tested products from:

Norton LifeLock

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