Endpoint Security (EPS): Home 2022 Q4

Sector: Consumer
Testing: October to December 2022


3 reasons our home tests are trustworthy

Choose your reviews carefully

3 reasons our home tests are trustworthy

This security report compares anti-malware products. Its job is to help you make informed buying decisions.

Our reports help you choose the best home anti-malware product that can protect you from ransomware and other types of attack

Choose the best home anti-malware solution

Three reasons our security tests are the most trustworthy

There are a few questions you should ask when you look at a security report. These are all very important but in random order here they are:

  1. Is the test realistic?
  2. Does the tester explain how they tested?
  3. Does the tester explain how they make money
    from the report?

There are all sorts of other little details to consider, which are often things security vendors get anxious about. These include technical details relating to the testing environment and the threats used to test the products. But ultimately, as a reader, you should care most about the list above.

Choose your reviews carefully

If you see a security report that isn’t realistic and transparent treat it with extra care. For more information about fake anti-virus reviews please see our blog post on the subject. If you want to make the most informed purchase of security software choose your reviews carefully.

We pride ourselves on a level of transparency that elevates our work above the less open reports available. But don’t just take our word for it. This report has gone through the AMTSO certification process to ensure that we say what we’re going to do; do it; and can prove it. Our results help vendors improve their products and buyers choose the best for their own needs.

Read this SE Labs assessment of world-leading endpoint security products and discover how they handle well-known threats and targeted attacks.

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