Full methodologies for all tests are available from the Reviewers Guides page.

I am a security vendor. How can I include my product in your tests?

Please contact us at info@SELabs.uk. We will be happy to arrange a phone call to discuss our methodologies and the suitability of your product for inclusion.

I am a security vendor. Does it cost money to have my product tested?

We do not charge directly for testing products in public tests. We do charge for private tests.

What is a partner organisation? Can I become one to gain access to the threat data used in your tests?

Partner organisations support our tests by paying for access to test data after each test has completed but before publication. Partners can dispute results and use our award logos for marketing purposes. We do not share data on one partner with other partners. We do not currently partner with organisations that do not engage in our testing.

So you don’t share threat data with test participants before the test starts?

No, this would bias the test and make the results unfair and unrealistic.

I am a security vendor and you tested my product without permission. May I access the threat data to verify that your results are accurate?

We are willing to share small subsets of data with non-partner participants at our discretion. A small administration fee is applicable.